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I want to be an impact on people… My goal is to positively impact every person I meet.”     Chris Reid

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Practice Areas in Dothan, AL

Criminal & DUI Law

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI or drug offense, the time to act is NOW. Our attorneys will fight to protect your rights and keep one mistake from following you the rest of your life.

Personal Injury

Injured in an accident? You need someone to help navigate the process and protect your rights. Whether you were hurt on the job or on the road, the Reid Law Firm will tirelessly fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve from big insurance companies.

Family Law

Family matters can be challenging and difficult to navigate on your own. Whether you are going through a divorce or wanting to adopt, we will work to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.

Let’s Work Together

Chris Reid is a man of integrity who assertively serves his clients. He is understanding, yet bold to stand firm and defend his clients. Chris is very strategic in his thought process and provides wise counsel. He proactively approaches cases, providing comfort that you are a priority and will be taken care of. His high degree of character leads to respect by his peers and assurance his voice is heard.” John B. Conger

“When it comes to being a client of Chris Reid’s, expect a great guy with a fantastic work ethic! He cares about his clients and is one of those rare people who believes that helping another person do well makes his life better too.” Scott Beason

Former Alabama State Senator

I’ve worked with The Reid Law Firm and can attest to the integrity, heart and dedication they bring to every client! Chris Reid is compassionate, extremely intelligent and genuine.Melinda Thomas

“I met Chris several years ago and have been thankful for us meeting ever since. He not only was extremely professional but impressed me with his knowledge and experience in the legal industry and politics at a young age.  He is one of the most actively involved attorneys in the community that I have met in my professional career and I believe that he truly cares about his clients.” Jordan Myers

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