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New Alabama Law: How to Get Your Record Expunged!

Getting your record cleared is much easier in Alabama now that a new law has passed. This new expungement law affects people who had their cases dismissed or pleaded in misdemeanor cases. The expungement law also applies to non-violent felonies. This is incredible news for anyone out there who feels haunted by past mistakes. Without an expungement, employers can see past transgressions, even if you were found not guilty. Under the new law though, even if your arrest was back in college, you are well within your rights to apply for expungement; there is no time limitation for this process. Once expunged, in the eyes of the law, it’s as if the incident never happened. It is a class B misdemeanor to willfully disclose information that has been expunged.  Once expunged, you are now legally allowed to say you have never been arrested. Arrests, booking or arrest photos, index references, documentation, forms, charges and data can all be expunged. There are a few exceptions though. Certain organizations still require you to disclose the expunged information. This includes, but is not limited to, the state bar, doctors, lawyers, and any governmental agencies. Overall, however, from state of Alabama’s perspective, once expunged it is as though arrest never occurred.

The process of getting your arrest expunged is quite technical and extensive. If you meet the criteria, you must file a petition for expungement. You must also attach a record or the arrest, disposition, case action summary, and certified criminal record. We recommend the use of an attorney for this process. If you qualify under the statue, the Reid Law firm will get your record expunged and sealed. Why not get your record cleared if you can? If you'd like to schedule a time to talk, please contact the Reid Law Firm today at (334) 319-8225 for a quick answer to any legal question. Chris Reid can be reached by this contact form, as well. All communication to the Reid Law Firm is protected by attorney-client privilege, so any information submitted will be held in confidence. Initial consultations are always free. For a complete list of our practice areas please visit 

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