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Adopting a Child in Alabama

In Alabama, there are several adoption agencies that have hundreds of kids in need of a home. Adoption is always an option for all individuals, but it is most common in older couples and couples struggling with infertility. Kids that are adopted typically live happy, well-adjusted lives. However, children over the age of nine have a significantly lower chance of being adopted. According to the North American Council on Adoptable Children, 398 kids aged out of the system without a legal family in 2012. This means almost 400 kids were sent out into the world on their own without anyone to help them; without anyone to guide them through life’s challenges.

Although adoption is expensive, there is nothing quite as rewarding as giving a child a loving, healthy, and happy home. Adoption saves a child from going through a difficult system that sets them up for little success. Unfortunately, many children in the foster care system are placed in their situation after losing their parents, which creates an emotional burden that could be reversed by being adopted into a stable home. Adolescence is a time in a child’s life when they need stability and love in order to succeed.

On average, children stay in the system for 3.5 years before getting adopted. This means if a five-year-old is put into foster care the likelihood that they’ll be adopted is extraordinarily low. If a family can’t afford or doesn’t want to adopt a child, there are still some things that people can do to get involved. Something that is always a necessity is donating supplies to foster homes whether its diapers, canned goods, or toys. This is something that alleviates the financial burden of fostering kids and shows the kids that people care about them. There are also governmental coverages that can help pay for an adoption. In many cases, parents spend less than $10,000 to adopt a child in the United States rather than baring the full cost of adopting out of the country.  

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About the Author: This article was written by Logan Barrett and Mallory Foley. Logan is an intern at the Reid Law Firm and a rising junior at Auburn University majoring in Political Science. Mallory is an intern at the Reid Law Firm and a Sophomore at the University of Alabama majoring in Accounting.

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