Personal Injury law

Benefits of Hiring a Small Firm in Dothan to Handle Your Personal Injury Case

If you find yourself injured in an accident, there are many questions you may be faced with. How long will it take to recover? Will treatment be affordable? Will family members suffer as a result? You are entitled to compensation for your injuries, but the last thing you need to be worried about during recovery is the details of your case. That is why it is absolutely necessary for you to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your case and get you the highest settlement possible for your injuries.

There are many large corporate personal injury firms – you’ve likely seen their billboards and TV commercials – that claim their experience sets them apart from the rest when handling your personal injury case. While these firms do handle hundreds of personal injury cases at a time and have a significant amount of experience in that practice area, their business model can be misleading. When corporate firms take on a personal injury case, their goal is to maximize any settlement in a short amount of time. While they may handle your case with care and attention, their goal is to reap the benefits of your case as quickly as possible.

Many times this is not the approach that is most beneficial to you. Insurance companies are eager to offer an enticing settlement to prevent you from receiving the full amount of compensation you deserve. This is often before all of the details of the case have been determined or proper legal action has been taken to show you are serious about your compensation. When large corporate firms quickly jump on this settlement, there is often much more meat left on the bone in terms of compensation.

At a small personal injury firm like the Reid Law Firm, our number one priority is to maximize your settlement from insurance agencies and responsible parties. We will remain completely dedicated to uncovering the full facts of your case in order to demonstrate the severity of your injury and the financial and physical harm done to you and your family. We will use every persuasive and legal tool available to us to ensure you receive the maximum settlement possible. Additionally, we will be sure to handle your case with the care and attention needed to maintain your dignity and peace of mind during such a terrible time in life.