Judge's gavel and man with head in hands as he signs divorce papers

How to Handle a Stressful Divorce

Divorce is a scary topic, one that many shy from speaking of. It has become, however, a common reality for millions of Americans. To break it down in a legal sense, divorces are either handled through mediation or they are contested. A mitigated divorce is one in which both parties come to an amicable consensus regarding the parting. In terms of divorce, this is the most advisable route. At the Reid Law Firm, we often recommend counseling to our clients. This helps us to be sure divorce is treated as the very last resort. Sometimes, though, divorce is inevitable. In these instances, we urge our client to be practical. Even if the love is gone though, often the divorce can still be handled affably. When kids are involved, this course is particularly advisable. Unfortunately, there are times when a clear solution cannot be reached between the parties and we must turn our sights instead towards a contested divorce.

The contested divorce process can get quite hairy. These are the instances when there is no chance of a peaceful resolution. It is in these cases that we see the highest amounts of perjury testimony. Often the clients are angry. This is a brutal process that shouldn’t be endured unless absolutely necessary. However, while we advise mitigated divorce if possible, if you are confident in your decision to undergo a contested divorce, rest assured we will fight tooth and nail for you. If you have been wronged and wish to claim the assets you deserve, the Reid Law Firm is absolutely prepared to fight in your defense. Divorce is an extremely stressful time. Under a contested divorce, the two parties will have to go to court and a judge will decide the fate of the assets, properties, and even the children. That is not a process to take lightly or try handling on your own. You’re going to want the best defense possible. Don’t get stuck paying undue child support or losing your savings. If you’re entering into a contested divorce, I implore you to hire a competent attorney.

Forbes released a 2006 article detailing the ranging costs of a contested divorce. The average cost for a contested divorce was found to be between $15,000 and $30,000 dollars. These rates are determined by a number of factors. Attorney fees can be steep; do not let an attorney take you for granted. The last thing you need during this difficult tearing up of your family is an attorney scamming you out of your money. The Reid Law Firm is exceptionally practiced in this area of the law. We have a proven record that we are quite proud of. We will not, however, attack you with legal fees. We offer a fair price for our clients, as we truly do wish to help.