Wrecked rear end of car

Injured in Dothan? Here’s How to Get the Money You Deserve!

Trying to settle an auto injury claim without an attorney can be a costly mistake, especially when you or someone you love has been seriously hurt. The large insurance companies have deep pockets and an army of negotiators who will work tirelessly to reduce the value of your case. To protect yourself, you need an experienced attorney in your corner from the very beginning of the fight.

Reid Law Firm has experience representing people throughout Alabama who have been injured in all of the most serious types of motor vehicle accidents, including commercial trucks and motorcycle accidents. If a doctor has told you that your injuries are the direct result of your accident, you deserve to be fairly compensated for your pain, suffering, and lost wages.

If your accident caused the loss of a limb or complete disability, we will work with highly-skilled experts to determine everything you will need to live as comfortably as possible for the rest of your life, including all your future medical care, rehabilitation costs, wheelchairs, physical and occupational therapy, prescription medications, personal services needs, home modifications, and customized transportation.

We’re proud of our record. Time and time again, we’ve been able to get our client’s the settlements they deserve. Trying to go up against an insurance company without knowledgeable representation could cost you a great deal. In fact, personal injury cases handled with an attorney statistically result in a settlement three times greater than cases handled without an attorney.