Divorce paperwork

Is Mediation the Best Way to Handle a Divorce in Dothan?

One of the hardest things that attorneys must deal with is when a new client comes to them who is seeking a divorce. As an attorney, I feel that it is our job to ask the client if there is any way reconciliation is a possibility in their marriage. Thankfully, when reconciliation is an option we are able to recommend counseling for couples who are willing to give their marriage another try. Our firm works with many different counseling centers in Alabama and often these centers will see couples at no charge.

However, under some circumstances marriages are just simply beyond reconciliation. Under these circumstances we at least try to mitigate the fallout from what is always the most trying emotional time in the lives of our clients.

The law is inherently adversarial and because of that many broken marriages are made even worse by pursuing a scorched earth policy of winning at any cost. This approach can be very damaging, especially when young children are caught up in the fallout of a contentious divorce or custody battle.

That is why we at the Reid Law Firm think that mediation is often the best approach to handling a divorce. Granted, there are times where the parties are so far apart that adversarial proceedings are necessary and under those circumstance we will zealously work to advance our clients goals using every legal tool at our disposal. Under most circumstances though, we have found that after enough time has passed both parties are willing to work together in the interest of decreasing the damage to their children.

The truth is that even when we win every single thing our client desires in a divorce or custody case, the children are often left in a very vulnerable position. And the fallout from going hard after a spouse or parent on the stand can cause damage for many years to come. This type of damage makes working together in the years to come a difficult proposition.

At the Reid Law firm we believe that the best outcome is one that considers the consequences of our actions not just in the courtroom but also in daily life. We will do whatever it takes to assist our clients through the challenges that they face.