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The Future of Divorce Law in Dothan

Divorce cases can go one of two ways, adversarial or non-adversarial. Adversarial divorces are contested between the parties and generally are very expensive. They are the nasty divorces seen battled out in divorce court. This is not an ideal route for separation if it can be avoided. The other option, a non-adversarial divorce, is also known as an uncontested divorce or mediated divorce. These divorces are handled with civility and are a much quicker and less expensive option. Unfortunately, some lawyers pressure their clients to take the adversarial route because there is financial incentive do to the way hours are billed. The adversarial divorce has become a common occurrence in our society, despite being the option that is most painful for the parents and children involved.

Why an Adversarial Model Should Be Avoided

The adversarial divorce model should be avoided for a number of reasons. For one, it is much more time-intensive than a non-adversarial divorce. The more the parties argue, the nastier things get and the greater your attorney fees become. Divorce, though always painful doesn’t have to be adversarial, if the parties are willing to cooperate. The next reason to avoid an adversarial divorce is simply for the well being of the parties involved. For the separating husband or wife, you’re losing your partner. That’s difficult enough to handle without destroying each other in the process. If there are children involved, please do not seek a contested divorce unless it is absolutely necessary. It can be extremely detrimental for children to go through this process.  For the children’s sake, the divorce process should be kept as amicable as possible.

How the Reid Law Firm Can Help

The first thing we do when considering a divorce client is to make sure the couple has no hope of reconciliation. We ask our clients to consider the seriousness of the matter and always suggest the possibility of counseling. If divorce is the only option, we aim to resolve the process through an uncontested divorce unless that is not an option. We do not wish to cause undue harm during what is already an extremely difficult time. Some lawyers will exacerbate the issue and take advantage of their clients. They run up fees trying to make the process last as long as possible. At the Reid Law Firm, we care about our clients. Granted, we will do everything in our power to fight for our clients' interest, However it rarely is in their interest to air out all the issues publicly in court. The world has enough heartache in it. You certainly don’t want to pay an attorney to make your life worse. If you’re seeking a divorce, please pursue the uncontested route and an attorney that has your interests in mind.