Personal injury client discussing options with a lawyer

What Are Your Options in a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury law encompasses a wide range of accidents. Some of the most common personal injury cases involve car accidents, workplace mishaps, and injuries in public places or private businesses. An unexpected accident can take a huge toll on everyone involved and may cause the victim and his family physical and emotional pain. Medical bills can start to add up, auto repair is costly, and insurance companies may try to take advantage of a victim who is hurt and desperate.

One legal option to help alleviate financial stress is to sue for damages. However, in Alabama, fighting a successful suit can be difficult. Alabama is one of four states that follows a “Pure Contributory Negligence” standard.

Under this standard, a person who is injured cannot recover damages if they are at all at fault. This means that even if an accident is 99% the injurer’s fault, as a victim you still cannot recover because you are 1% at fault. This may seem unfair, because the injurer is almost completely responsible for the accident but can get off scot-free. Regardless of how much physical and monetary damage you are suffering, you will get no help.

Because this rule is so harsh, if you are in an accident in Alabama it is extremely important to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer will know how to best argue the facts of your case to ensure you do not fall victim to the Pure Contributory Negligence standard.

The administrative process that follows an accident is lengthy and time-consuming, so an attorney’s advice is invaluable. After an accident occurs, it must be reported to the Alabama Department of Safety (DPS). You should document the scene of the accident the best you can and as soon as possible. This includes description of the accident, witnesses, and all parties involved. This description should use specific terms and emphasize certain points to strengthen your case. You also must have an understanding of the local laws and knowledge of the insurance consequences.

Following these steps may seem overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with insurance costs and injuries. Hiring an attorney can help alleviate this stress and will help guide you through the process. You can focus on your recovery, while your attorney fights for your rights.

Here at Reid Law Firm, we hope the aforementioned scenario never happens to you, but if you find yourself in a heartbreaking situation, the staff at Reid Law Firm can help. Though it will not completely take away the pain you and your family have experienced, it is the best way to ensure that you get the help you need and get on the fastest road to recovery.