Injury Claim

Why You Should Hire Reid Law for Your Personal Injury Case in Dothan

On average, a person who’s been in an accident and retains counsel from an attorney will receive 3.5 times more money than a person who tries to settle a personal injury claim on his or her own. This finding is based on a study completed by the Insurance Research Council. In this scenario, your $6,000 settlement can quickly become a $21,000 settlement with the assistance of a lawyer. While this is just an average, it is clear the difference an attorney can make. Most families cannot afford to shrug off that kind of money.

Insurance companies are known for displaying extreme miserliness. Many people don’t realize the value of their claims. Insurance companies know this and in turn offer settlements significantly below market value. Insurance companies are also known for avoiding settling when they should and pressuring plaintiffs to settle for much less than they deserve. If you are involved in an accident, it is imperative you hire an attorney to file your lawsuit or negotiate your settlement. It is difficult when you are emotionally wrapped up in a situation to see everything clearly. An attorney can look at a situation objectively and in its totality. Lawyers have experience working with insurance companies and judges and will be able to offer a clear path forward. This is an advantage the average citizen won’t have if they choose to handle their case alone.

Being injured is tough enough, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can fight the insurance companies by yourself. At the Reid Law firm we stand up for the rights of victims and won’t let our clients be taken advantage of by insurance companies.