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Are you considering filing for divorce in Alabama? This can be a difficult time in your life and we are here to help you navigate the family legal system. Our Dothan divorce lawyer can provide you with the compassion, guidance, and support you need during this time in your life.

At the Reid Law Firm, we understand there are situations that cannot be reconciled and divorce is in the best interests of everyone involved. Our divorce attorney in Dothan is committed to providing our clients with quality representation and all the legal and moral support they need to resolve the situation and move forward with their lives.

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Personalized Method of Care

Nobody enters into marriage expecting to get divorced. However, relationships end, and sometimes endings result in acrimonious divorces. You need an experienced attorney to protect the best interests of you and your children. Our divorce lawyer in Dothan represents clients in uncontested and contested divorces.

For an uncontested divorce, spouses must agree on the following:

  • Division of marital assets
  • Division of debts
  • Child custody
  • Visitation schedules

Compassionate Dothan Divorce Lawyer

If the couple is unable to agree on the major issues, a contested divorce becomes necessary, and the court will make decisions about property division, custody, and other issues. We work diligently on your behalf through the discovery process and during negotiations, as we try to negotiate a settlement for you. When an agreement cannot be reached, we represent your interests and fight for your rights in court.

Get the Legal & Moral Support You Need

At the Reid Law Firm, we provide exceptional-quality legal representation and look after the best interests of our clients throughout the process. When needed, we help our clients seek assistance outside the legal industry. We work with an extensive network of both faith-based and secular marriage counselors. These counselors are able to advise our clients, often at no cost to them.

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