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Workers devote large portions of their lives to their jobs. Accidents at work, hazardous materials, and occupational illness are common in many industries. The workers’ compensation program was designed to protect injured workers and provide benefits to cover their medical care and lost wages. At the Reid Law Firm, our workers’ compensation attorney in Dothan provides quality legal representation for injured workers.

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Sources of Compensation

After an injury or accident at work, you are entitled to benefits for medical care and lost wages. However, the amount is only about 70 percent of your regular wages. This is often not sufficient to meet your needs. If you were sent to the wrong doctor, there is a change you may have been released too soon, and your injury may not have fully healed. If you were severely injured or permanently disabled, it is important to make sure the compensation is sufficient for your current and future needs.

You may need an attorney if:

  • You are having trouble getting treatment.
  • Your claim has been denied.
  • There is a pre-existing condition.
  • There is a dispute regarding a permanent disability rating.
  • There is a workers’ compensation hearing.

Our workers’ compensation lawyer in Dothan begins by gathering evidence to develop a strategy that pursues the best possible outcome. We review the evidence, take depositions, request independent medical examinations, and hire expert witnesses, when necessary, to build a strong case for each client. We are committed to providing strong communication, and you will have access to your attorney throughout the process.

Don’t Worry about Retaliation

Many workers are hesitant to seek fair compensation for their injuries because they fear retaliation from their employers when they return to work. Alabama law protects you from retaliation by an employer, and you can’t be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim. We work to ensure that you are treated fairly after you have recovered from your injury.

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